Welcome to Beli's Beads


Beli's touch is simple and unique for each individual.  Not only because of the design by for the reason in which it is made.  Customizing your colors and beads to match the color of an outfit, your eyes or to remind you of certain memory in time.  This is what makes Beli's special.  Another great thing about Beli's is that all earring hooks are hypoallergenic.  All sets are unique.  So when you receive your set, you can rest assured that your are the only one with that set.  In other words, sets are not duplicated.  Extra spacers and quality glass beads are used to finalize the Beli process.  Let us know how you enjoy your Beli set.


Order regularly and create unique gifts that are sure to brighten someone's day.  Add a pendent, picture or a recycle a piece broken jewelry that you just can't part with.  It's your jewelry, add your taste. 


Ordering is easy and safe.  Order online and mail in your payment.  Your order will be confirmed once it is received, created and shipped.